We turn houses into fireworks and fireworks into houses.

With Projection Mapping, we offer the breath-taking version of visually fascinating your audience in open air events, anniversaries, city festivals, music events, and the big dream of a summer night. Whether the accompanying light show or the main attraction combined with music, you have to see it once to be amazed.
Projection Mapping is the 3D projection of scenes onto buildings or other objects. We create a 3D model of the real building or other individual objects on the computer beforehand and are then later able to project a whole moving universe of bright magic in 3D with exactly arranged projectors at different angles onto the walls. Colours, shapes, and movement create effects that alienate and transform a building or a whole complex of buildings in a fantastic way and turn them into a sparkling and moving organism. This is particularly spectacular when rhythmically combined with music.
Of course we offer this service in the all-round carefree standard and the usual BIG cinema quality, meaning: in the best and most sophisticated form that is technically feasible today.
Projection Mapping is a visual alternative to cinema – with or without real fireworks. We guarantee enthusiasm and unforgettable memories.