Our expertise has the same high resolution as the technology itself.

4K projections are state of the art in terms of definition, brilliant colours, and resolution today and in the near future. More and more films are being originally produced using 4K cameras. The reproduction properties of chemical film material are gradually achieved or even exceeded in some situations. Similar to 3-D technology, the general rule is: To have the highest demands means always to know the intricacies, the tricks, and the little devil in some of the details of 4K technology. The higher the resolution, the better you see even minor errors. As we are pedantic in our field and always deal with the latest technologies, we know exactly what these intricacies are. It starts with assessing whether the provided data material is suited for a 4K production at all, continues with various optimising processes and ends with finely adjusting the projection on location.
The specialists of BIG cinema can guarantee that material intended for 4K projection reaches the viewer in 4K quality - brilliant, super sharp, and without losses.

In other words: As BIG cinema.