BIG cinema on record hunt at the VELTINS Arena

Just in time for the 114th birthday of Schalke, the documentary “RUDI ASSAUER. Self-Starter. Man. Legend.” had its premiere in Gelsenkirchen. The film showed the amazing career of a passionate football player and die-hard Schalke supporter. In the place of Assauer himself, who was diagnosed Alzheimer’s in 2012, this documentary told a life story full of ups and downs and featured many of his companions along the way.

Apart from paying tribute to Assauer, the organizer of the event had a second objective: setting the new world record for the biggest film premiere. The current record was set on the Philippines with 43.624 spectators. Even though the world record was not broken that evening, the event still managed to set the new record for biggest German film premiere with a final audience of 21.590. At the same time, this was the largest event in BIG cinema history.

With an event like this, BIG cinema was able to live up to its name and do what we do best: big cinema. Specifically we employed four large Airscreens© 1 with a total surface area of 650m² and six high performance projectors Christie® Boxer 4K30 2 .

Our engagement at Schalke started in the early hours of the show day. As a result of a very systematic way of working, we managed to finish the build-up by 8.00 in the morning. This meant that our technicians had more than enough time to meticulously calibrate each individual projector and thus deliver the best possible preparation for the start of the film.

A traditional miner’s choir, an appearance of Schalke band “Florians” as well as short interviews with Assauer companions like Olaf Thon and Huub Stevens provided the appropriate opening of the event. At around 9.00 in the evening, it was time for the main event and the audience was quickly captivated by the documentary.  Moved silence took turns with frenetic cheers for Assauer and the many other Schalke protagonists. Long after the credits rolled, the “Rudi!” chants still kept echoing through the Veltins Arena and in the end, it was a worthy tribute to an extra-ordinary sportsman as well as a successful football evening for the many Schalke supporters.

Not even two hours after the end of the show, there was no trace left of the spectacle. The dismantling of our equipment worked as smoothly as during the build-up and so we were able to quickly look back on another successfully managed event.


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