Open-air cinema as a birthday present

On the occasion of the 1050th anniversary of the city of Haldensleben and the 25th anniversary of the public utility company from Haldensleben, experienced the inhabitants of the district town in Saxony-Anhalt a really special highlight. On the 22. And 23. july 2016 the public utility company Haldensleben opened their gates for two amazing movie nights under the starry sky. The two German comedy’s “Honig im Kopf” and “Der geilste Tag” attracted a lot of film fans to visit the event. Furthermore a mixed program with music and entertainment before the movies ensured for variety. Delicious burgers, flaming cakes, self-made lemonades and bear specialities didn’t let any culinary wishes open.

BIG cinema supported the double anniversary with a first-class and high-quality technique. Because of the amazing projection technique out of the house CHRISTIE flickered a pin-sharp picture over the 8 × 4 meters huge AIRSCREEN canvas. For the right sound ensured some perfect, well-coordinated sonication-points and different light installations made a cosy atmosphere during the two movie nights.

Credits: Stadtwerke Haldensleben