"Three Tales" in Essen

The Ensemble Modern presented its own work “Three Tales” in the year of the 75th birthday of Steve Reich again together with Synergy Vocals conducted by Brad Lubman on 16 April at the philharmonic hall in Essen. BIG cinema was the ideal partner for the complex video, subtitle, and sound transmissions. Further performances were staged at the Cologne philharmonic hall and in Krakow.

The video opera “Three Tales” by the artist couple Beryl Korot and Steve Reich focuses on three significant events of the technological era: the Hindenburg airship disaster, the atomic bomb tests at Bikini Atoll, and the cloning of the sheep named Dolly. In the video opera, the human voice is given a completely new role compared to the “conventional” opera. Pieces and melodies of speech from interviews and vocal recordings are taken and manipulated and then incorporated into Reich’s pulsating sound universe and transferred into visual rhythms by video artist Beryl Korot.