Tech Talk: Black Magic Cintel Scanner

As already described in our article »Cinema's stories: 35mm«, (technical) stasis is a foreign word also for the cinema and film industry. Innovation is being introduced and marketed at ever shorter intervals, and the state of the art is being renegotiated. The advantages and disadvantages of this are not to be discussed here, but rather it is to be shown how the so called old and outdated can be projected into the absolute NOW of the cinema.

Because, if there is no stasis in the large scale there will be none for us. Which means: When the film world upgrades, it is very clear to us from BIG cinema, that we pull in the front row. And if we move along, you too will: right there with us. In the very first row.

Not least with our Black Magic Cintel Scanner.

Thousands and thousands of meters of film, rolled up and spooled on 35mm, are stored in the archives, at the film distributors, at some cinemas themselves or elsewhere, where they gather dust as they are threaten to fall into oblivion. The digital cinema as well as the digital film recording with all its advantages and enticements banishes a material and a technology to a place where it does not really belong. Because: As far as sound and image quality is concerned, well-preserved 35 or 70mm film copies are in no way inferior to digital film. A well preserved copy unfolds an outstanding quality.

And as we place great demands on quality we're are obsessed by a neat unfolding. BIG cinema ensures that your copies do not have to get dusty and those great moments of film history that you may have stored can change media without any loss of quality and thus meet the demands of cinema operators and festival organizers - both in terms of quality and handling. With the Black Magic Cintel Scanner, along with the latest technology available for post- and data processing, we are able to digitize your 35mm copies and, if necessary, mend it.

With our scanner we convert your 35mm positive film in Ultra HD, in order to make visible the enormous resolution which is already captured in the analog 35mm film. In fact, with most 35mm films, 4K material is already waiting to be admired on screen and to arouse enthusiasm. Our job is to offer you an easy way to stir that enthusiasm in your cinema or at your festival. Therefore we work hand in hand with those whose fascination for technology is so profound that any effort is not worth a word. Which also means that the highest quality is their – and therefore our – aspiration.

With the Black Magic Cintel Scanner, we are able to capture high-quality audio, keynote and image data directly from your analog film copy and edit it if necessary. Thanks to the excellent equipment, we can work with a real-time scanner that scans 35mm and 16mm film at up to 30 frames per second in ultra-HD resolution and that automatically transfers the captured data into DaVinci Resolve, the associated program, for further processing. DaVinci Resolve offers you any options beginning with color correction or noise reduction and ending with cutting and re-composing.Thus, not only a perfect scan is possible, but a creative control of the (now) digital footage.

Whether Interpositive/master positive or Internegative, whether monochrome or color - we can scan your 16mm, 35mm or Super 35mm film copy. Whether with a 2-, 3- or 4-hole perforation - we can digitize your material. All this to re-expose the enormous (picture) quality. Convince yourself!

Converted, digitized, and corrected, you'll get back your copy in the same condition as before (the scanning process will do no harm to the sensitive material) AND an impressive digital version of your movie. You will be well prepared for the next screening without projector and especially without any unwanted interferences.

Easy. Inexpensive. Simply brilliant. The tried and tested as well as approved interaction between Black Magic Cintel Scanner and BIG cinema will carry you and your film copies safely into the 21st century. A century that stands for perfection and high quality. Not at least in film showing. In little things as well as in big ones: For you, for your customers and guests. Because only if you are satisfied, we are too!