BIG cinema Kick-Off 2018

Let's put it this way: Even our lives are more than just days in office and nights out in the cinema. It also does not only consist of screwing on projectors and screens or of hours and hours spent knee deep in programming, editing or converting.

And even if we agreed at some point that during a movie night – at least during the film – chatting is not allowed, we talk – because: even cineastes and technicians are human beings! – with one-another. We discuss, chat and exchange ideas: about films, innovations and the latest technology but of course also about news in the scene or the talk of the town. Last but not least, our annual kick-off offers a good opportunity for this: Whether in a canoe on the Elster, in the garden during having barbecue or on the way to the first open air of the year - in short, we prepare ourselves or, as others call it: we work. Even when we are rowing, biking or grilling.

Why all that?

Too simple: We act out of conviction. Because we firmly believe – and over ten years of experience prove the fact – that successful events require not only the best technology and the latest thing, but also a team that runs smoothly. One in which confidence, knowledge about strengths and weaknesses of others and friendship is lived.

And, tell us: How should one check more pleasantly whether someone is trustworthy then by tasting the grill prepared by him? How could one more easily learn about someone's willingness to make a flat-out effort, than by getting through a stormy afternoon on the wild Elster? How could one more easily find out if someone is just a colleague or even a friend than during a gruelling bike ride to the other end of the city to your favorite theater?

There could be another way, for sure! But so far we've been doing well with it – and if we fare well, probably you do so too. With us. And so we are already looking forward to next year, when keyboards, phones, pushbuttons and coils stand still for one day, the next season lies ahead of us and we get together, not least to check if hands, hearts and guts of our friends from the office are still intact and still in the right place.

A knack for grilling and technology; a heart for customers and colleagues; a gut for an unerring sense of getting the right one at the right time: for you, your event and your customers like friends.

BIG cinema Kick-Off Superfood