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You are considering to celebrate the anniversary of your company, an opening, a special offer or any other occasion with your customers or friends? You are planning to thank your employees and their families for a successful collaboration or – to put it simple – a good time? You are hosting a cinema event anyway and you just need help or inspiration to find the right movie for your venue that should be worth remembering? BIG cinema not only offers the best technology for your event and builts up the infrastructure that you need for an extraordinary movie night, but also helps to choose the right film for your event. Not least with the BIG cinema film overview and the in-house rating system, which navigates you effortlessly through the unwieldy world of cinema. Click here to read about novelties to come up or about which films have proven themselves for open air screenings and drive-in cinema, or about any films we have seen and can recommend to you to turn your venue into an extraordinary cinema event.

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Open air screenings

Summer means, just like swimming in the lake or enjoying ice cream in the shade, a flickering projector in the garden, the park, the backyard or in the old castle outside the city. Summer is open air cinema! and open air cinema is when people come together just before sunset to sit on blankets, on chairs, or even under umbrellas to enjoy a great movie night outdoors. Imagine a summer without sun! As impossible as a summer without movies in the open air! The fact that not every film is equally fitting for this must be neatly considered: Because the choice of your film is as crucial for any success as it is the weather. Unfortunately we can not take care of the weather – that's up to you! – but we can help you with selecting the right moving picture to show. Here you can find the BIG cinema open air movie recommendations.

The perfect what? for the flicker under your open sky!


We all know it! If not from personal experience, then from books or films: Daddy's car, loads of snacks, the well-hidden under the seat, the new lover right beside. OR: A smuggled crate of beer (not for the driver of course!), a stowaway in the trunk, and lots of peanuts. OR: All sorts of blankets and pillows for the children, the astonishment when suddenly the film sound comes from the radio, and one's feet that may exceptionally be put on the cushion... No other kind of cinema has such dynamics as the drive-in: a public spectacle and yet the cozy atmosphere in your own car, which turns for the very moment into a sofa. But who believes that the spectacle of the drive-in itself would turn the evening into a success, is wrong. Sorry! Although it seems clear that in drive in cinemas other movies can be shown than those about cars...

But which, you can find out here.

Family time 

Those who grew up in a family where only the parents had the authority over the remote probably began to read really early. Or saved, beginning with the fourth birthday, for their own television, whose remote control was hidden as a small sanctuary. Even though there is nothing comparable that kind of gathering on the couch to debating about - tears are unfortunately never excluded - which movie one should watch and if and where the pizza is ordered. Time together, cinema lived together. To keep as many eyes dry as possible when it comes to your family event you should carefully consider: how many singing and dancing cats, how many grumpy grandfathers whose hearts are about to be conquered, how many pirates and how many poisoned apples are in which movie. Not so easy! And even if cats and witches won't guarantee a success, but one more or less may save perhaps the afternoon ...

BIG cinema counts them for you! But you can choose! 

Classics never get old

Experience has shown that anyone who shows some old time classics does not have to learn how to deal with hordes of tweed jackets and horn-rimmed glasses. Whether in color or not, whether with or without sound, the picture you'll get in front of the screen is more colorful than one would imagine: no masses of Woody Allens in dark roll collars, no hard-smelling feet, who make cutbacks in the programme... But rather an enthusiastic crowd of those who were unfortunately born too late to see the now dusty treasures in the cinema. Or those whose memory of that time itself became dusty. In those days, when there was a piano in every movie theater. In those days, when ice cream was being sold before every single show. In those days when it was still allowed to smoke during the movie. In those days. Even if you do not want any cigarette to be smoked during your event or even if you are not an enthusiast of piano music or one of tiny tots in the cinema chair, a piece of that in those days can be revived: On your canvas. That we all missed great moments in the cinematic history is out of question! Whether one of these great moments is presented at yours, could be one.

We dug for you and blew the dust off the rollers. See what we have found:


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»Ocean's Eight«: Komödie, Thriller // USA // R: Gary Ross // 1:50h // Kinostart: 21.07.2018 // Verleiher: Warner Bros. GmbH // FSK 0

After we saw for the first time in history with »Solo: A Star Wars Story« a Star Wars movie flopping at the box office, we are extremely curious to see what the second half of this year 2018 will bring. First, there is Sandra Bullock in »Ocean's Eight« as the sister of the notorious crook Danny Ocean, who is well introduced and therefore known by the previous parts. Just out of jail, she not only causes a stir in the hitherto male dominated gangster world by her pure (feminine) presence but also with her bold action. After assembling a team of talented master thieves she starts to put her plan, neatly figured out while in prison, into action: to steal a $ 150 million necklace. By the way she takes revenge with a nasty gallery owner, she had a score to settle with...

»Ant-Man And The Wasp«: Action, Sci-Fi, Abenteuer // USA // R: Peyton Reed // 1:58 // Kinostart: 26.07.2018 // Verleiher: Walt Disney Germany // FSK 12/16

In »Ant-Man and the Wasp« the sequel to the 2015 Ant Man movie, Paul Rudd's Scott Lang as the Ant Man can shrink or become gigantic and he can communicate with ants. The attempt to reconcile his family life with his superhero existence fails, because of a special job was offered to him by his mentor Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas): Go and find Hope, who is still missing after a dangerous mission. For that the Ant Man gets support from Hope's daughter (Evangeline Lilly), a superhero wasp, who has similar powers and abilities as the Ant Man. A lot of action and that extraordinary humor make this movie definitely worth seeing it!


»Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald«: Fantasy, Abenteuer // GB, USA // R: David Yates // Kinostart: 15.11.2018 // Verleiher: Warner Bros. GmbH

We are also very curious about the second part of the »Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald« that will be released November 15th. Since the first part – against all odds – unbolted the audience's hearts, in part two Gellert Grindelwald (Jonny Depp), who escaped prison, tries to assemble even more supporters to build a reign of pure-blooded wizards against Muggle's influences. Only the young Dumbledore (Jude Law), Grindelwald's former friend, seems to be able to stop him. But not without any help and so he finds in one of his former students, Scamander, a trustworthy ally... . Scamander accompanied by Newt and his friends sets out for Europe on the hunt for Grindelwald, where he's forced to suffer one misfortune after another. Not least of all because his own brother is engaged to Leta Lestrange, which once meant a lot to his ally and friend Newt.

»Bohemian Rhapsody«: Biografie, Musik, Drama // USA // R: Bryan Singer // Kinostart: 31.10.2018 // Verleiher: Fox Deutschland 

»Shape of Water«: Fantasy, Drama // USA // R: Guillermo de Toro // 2:03h // Kinostart: 15.02.2018 // Verleiher: FOX Deutschland // FSK 16

After great mystery horror movies like »Pan's Labyrinth« (2006) or »Crimson Peak« (2015), »Shape of Water« (2018) features a new film by Mexican director Guillermo de Toro. Nominated as well as awarded at various festivals (including two Oscars for 'Best Director' and 'Best Film'), »Shape of Water« firstly brings de Toro the recognition he has deserved and secondly offers a cinematic experience of a very special kind for all of us. Not least because no other director is so well-versed in negotiating the wooliness of reality and fantasy by breaking down a realistic set of worlds to challenge our imagination. In his latest film this particular muzziness is worked out as follows: USA, at the time of the Cold War. The dumb employee Elisa, brilliantly play-acted by Sally Hawkins, works in a high-security lab ran by the US government where she accidentally discovers a top-secret lab that works out peculiar experiments neatly hidden from public. Caught in a tank, she finds a mysterious fish creature (Doug Jones), who is held there because of his supposedly healing powers in the event of an outbreak of war. Together with her neighbor Giles (Richard Jenkins) she manages to smuggle the amphibious man out of his prison, but the daredevil liberation does not bring the desired freedom. Instead it leads to a merciless hunt for the two lovers by the military and the lab leader Strickland (Michael Shannon ). In the portrayed oppressive atmosphere of the Cold War, schizophrenia and secret rearmament breaks the unexpected mercilessness of the world of the powerful.

»Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri«: Drama // GB,USA // R: Martin McDonagh // 1:56h // Kinostart: 25.01.2018 // FSK 12

»Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri« is a marvelous in-between of drama and black comedy about Mildred Hayes (Frances McDormand), a mother whose daughter was murdered and who gives the small town police department some trouble because they haven't found a suspect so far. A few months after her daughter's murder, Mildred Hayes is completely exhausted from fighting against the pain of loss and fed up with the police's apparent inability to find a suspect. Therefore she puts three posters on three abandoned billboards on the road to Ebbing, Missouri on which she attacks both police chief William Willoughgy (Woody Harrelson) and the police department of her hometown: The situation escalates, the media becomes aware of the case and the city splits into two camps. Ebbing awakens from the slumber. Especially because of Frances McDormand's impressive performance play-acting that strong female role – a self-confident woman who knows how to help herself before she waits in vain – this movie is what it is: terrific. With »Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri« director Martin McDonagh presents a film so rich in different subjects that one only could be amazed: The painful loss of a child, life in the rural America, a small town and its people as well as a gloomy portrait of the police work... Four Golden Globes, two Oscars and numerous very positive reviews speak for both the acting performance and the work of Martin McDonagh, who was able to realize his personal favorite project with this film.

»Don't worry, he won't get far on foot«: Drama, Biografie // USA // R: Gus van Sant // 1:55h // Kinostart: 16.08.2018 // Verleiher: NFP // FSK 12

Gus van Sant's biopic drama about paraplegic cartoonist John Callahan (play-acted by Joaquin Phoenix) can stand up to any comparison with earlier films by the American director, including »Good Will Hunting«, »Elephant«, or »Milk«. With no doubt »Do not Worry« fits easily in that series of extremely successful work. Especially due to the strong focus on his protagonist John Callahan and his tempestuous life story, »Don't Worry" gains in depth and therefore keeps the audience at it. John, who enjoys his extravagant life to the fullest and lives for the moment, is so badly injured in a car accident, caused by his drunken buddy on the way back from a drinking bout, that he is bounded to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. What follows seems hardly made up and too hair-raising to be true, but thanks to van Sant's masterly storytelling and his choice of a remarkable narrative structure the whole thing starts to work: In a quirky round of Alcoholics Anonymous, he not only finds the strength to dry out but also the love of his life. Anyone who might think that turn of events would be enough to call it a happy end will be amazed. Because in this case enough is not enough: The now sober John discovers on top his talent as a draftsman and becomes famous for his cartoons in one fell swoop. With a prominently cast, an artfully staging and its easily consumable style, Gus van Sant's latest film is definitely worth a night out.

»The Child in Time«: Drama // GB // R: Julian Farino // Kinostart: 05.07.2018 // Verleiher: StudioCanal Deutschland // FSK 12

Whether as Doctor Strange, Sherlock Holmes or Stephen Hawkins to see Benedict Cumberbatch acting is not just good fun, but to see his name in the credits is almost considered a seal of quality for the film. As in the film adaption of the eponymous novel by Ian McEwan, where Cumberbatch, as broken father Stephen Lewis, mourned at the side of Kelly McDonald for the loss of his daughter. Idyllically, "A Child at the Time" begins: an intact marriage and family life, a successful children's book author, the perfect state. Until the disappearance of their daughter Kate while shopping with her father in the supermarket. Overwhelmed by the loss and the hopelessness of any effort to find little Kate, the parents become estranged from each other. The shared basis breaks and everyone tries to deal with the spreading, omnipresent pain. And while the subject of the film is not stunningly innovative, most recently negotiated for example in »Rabbit Hole« by John Cameron Mitchell, the drama of Julian Farino is characterized mainly by its excellent composition, the aesthetics of the image and the skillfully used narrative methods. No light fare, but definitely recommendable. 


»A Star is born«: Drama, Musik // USA // R:Bradley Cooper // Kinostart: 04.10.2018 // Verleiher: Warner Bros. GmbH // FSK 12/16

Bradley Cooper's directorial debut could be summed up as a remake of a remake of a remake of a remake. Or the other way around as a very successful resumption of a touching story. Namely that of the country singer Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper himself) whose career is over and Ally (Lady Gaga) whose career begins with the help of the former star. Fading and new born stars. What follows is a love story as well as a story of ascension and descent. For while the unknown girl becomes a new vocal sensation overnight, Jackson Maine loses himself further and further in his emotional distress, which is rapidly becoming a real life crisis. After legends like Judy Garlant and Barbra Steisand were able to try out the character of the rising star Ally, the Golden Globe winner Lady Gaga now can prove her acting talent with »A star is born«. In addition, Bradley Cooper as a director affirms an old wisdom: namely, that it does not matter if a story has already been told, but only how it is told. Thus, the resumption of the show business drama is not at all a clumsy repetition, but a skillful updating of a timeless story that can be a match for classics such as »Crazy Heart« (2010), »Walk the Line« (2005) or »Born to be Blue« (2015).

»Roman J. Israel, Esq.«: Drama, Thriller // USA // R: Dan Gilroy // 2:03h // Kinostart: 19.04.2018 // Verleiher: Sony Pictures Germany // FSK 6

It's not just a movie with a really great cast, not least with Danzel Washington as the idealist lawyer Roman Israel and Colin Farrell as his new employer, but also the second work by Dan Gilroy, whose brilliant debut, the thriller »Nightcrawler« (2014), took audience and critics alike by storm. Fearfulness in both cases: After Lou Bloom had to give up his belief in the honestly to achieve the American Dream and take up arms in Gilroys debut, Danzel Washington as Israel dismisses his idealism and decides to bend the law. Same same but different and again in »Roman J.Israel, Esq.« Gilroy discusses a overburdened morality, the limits of hope, and the failure of a system that claims that anyone can achieve anything if he works hard and, above all, honestly enough. Social criticism in the guise of a captivating thriller that has much more to offer than endless scenes in courtrooms and sterile law firms.

»Sicario. Day of the Soldado«: Thriller, Action // USA, IT // R: Stefano Sollima // 2:03h // Kinostart: 19.07.2018 // Verleiher: StudioCanal Deutschland // FSK 18

Already the verdict of the film censorship office, which certified the second part of the trilogy about the escalating drug war on the American-Mexican border with "NC-17", indicates that it is even bloodier and more brutal than the first part. And it does in fact, but not at the expense of meaning. Two years after their last mission, FBI agent Matt Graver (Josh Brolin) and contract killer Alejandro Gillick (Benicio Del Toro) are again on the US-Mexico border, where they finally find themselves in an absolute state of emergency: Terrorists send dozens of suicide bombers to the United States to commit attacks there. When a large number of civilians were killed in a department store, Alejandro intervenes. A risky and perfidious plan is set up ... Even if one will notice that »Sicario 2« doesn't bear Denis Villeneuve's mark anymore, because he was replaced by Stefano Sollima, one mustn't be prepared for the worst. Sollima known by »Gomrrha« (2014) and »Suburra« (2017) among others is well-versed in his métier and therefore this movie is what it is: A political action-thriller at the highest level! All hope is gone (in »Sicario« still present and embodied by Emily Blunt as a highly-committed FBI agent), despair rules and Sollima knows how to picture that state. With his choice of down-to-earth, realistic and dreary images, he proves his ability to convey an atmosphere that prevails when everything is possible at any time.

»Early Man«: Animation, Komödie // USA, GB, FR // 1:29h // Kinostart: 26.04.2018 // Verleiher: StudioCanal Deutschland // FSK 0

With more and more 3D computer-animated films such as »Coco« (2017) or »Sherlock Gnomes« (2018) dominating the genre of children's films or family movies, "Wallace & Gromit" inventor Nick Park brings with his stop-motion animation film »Early Man« a welcome change to the cartoon world. The collaboration between the four-time Oscar winner and Bristol's Aardman Animation Studios is promising, as anyone who still remembers the aching laughs while watching movies like »Shaun the Sheep« (2007), »Chicken Run« ( 2000) or »Wallace & Gromit« (2005) will know. In this case it goes like this : An epoch change is coming. Another step in the evolution of men, means from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age. And that does not taste all the same good, one learns quite fast. Dug, for example, who, along with his wild boar companion Hognob, leaves no stone unturned to defend the Stone Age. Evolution or not, for Dug and his Stone Age folks there is always a trick play! A wonderful spectacle of stop-motion that puts a finger into the all too human wound: Every change beats on the stomach and not everyone keeps up with the time effortlessly. But the most wonderful thing about »Early Man« is that you learn by laughing. Men has not always populated the planet with his smartphone right by his hands... First there were folks like Dug before, after some steps, Wallace & co. came to be. But friendship, as we learn from Nick Park's stories, was always there. As an indispensable constant throughout history.

»Isle of Dogs«: Animation // Abenteuer // D, USA // R: Wes Anderson // 1:42h // Kinostart: 10.05.2018 // FOX Deutschland // FSK 6

Joyfully one should exclaim: Once more a film to which the often misguided predicate for the WHOLE family seems to apply! Because Wes Anderson is quite a character, whose outstanding achievement is worthy of admiration: At the same time movies like »The Fantastic Mr. Fox« (2009) and »Grand Budapest Hotel« (2013), »Darjeeling Unlimited« (2007) and just this new one, »Isle of Dogs«. Grandiose pictures and really adorable storytelling. If we wore hats – for whatever reason, since it seldom rains in the cinema – we would definitely doff them to that work. And no less to this: Not today, but also in the not too distant morning, after the dog population exploded in Japan, the dog crib breaks out. Now that people not only have to worry about their living space, but also about their health, all dogs are banished from Megasaki City and relocated to Trash Island. That such a forced exile does not suit everyone, seems clear and so go the four-legged bosses, Chief, Rex, King and Duke in search of a way out. Garbage and stench for alpha dogs like them? No way! However, when 12-year-old Atari Kobayashi appears aboard a hijacked plane on the island, the four change their plan. No longer their dignity and their appetite is in the center, but an honorable mission: They decide to support the desperate Atari in his search for his beloved pet Spots. With Bill Murray, Bryan Cranston, Edward Norton or Jeff Goldblum [and many others] doing the voice-over roles and this particular story Wes Anderson manages once again to win the audience's well-padded hearts. Much wit, charm and a skillful stop-motion technique not only consolidate the director's position in the cinema handbooks of the future, but also guarantee an extraordinary afternoon-evening.


»Spoor«: Krimi, Drama // PL, D, SWE u.a. // R: Agnieszka Holland // 2:09h // Kinostart: 04.01.2018 // Verleiher: Film Kino Text // FSK 12

Above all, the name of Oscar-nominated director Agnieszka Holland my be known by reading carefully the credits of grandiose series such as »The Wire«, »House of Cards«, »The Affair« or »Treme«. But films like »In Darkness« (2011) or »Outlaw of War« (2009) are also listed in her filmography. Cinema at it's best. So why should then her latest movie drop out … In order to be able to enjoy her retirement in the fullest and to live in harmony with nature, the convinced vegan and formerly successful astrologer Janina Duszejko (Agnieszka Mandat-Grabka) moves to a small mountain village on the Polish-Czech border. Overslept. Snowy. Idyll, as you only can imagine. But a few months after her arrival, the small community, that is usually taken and occupied with only two things: church and hunting, is startled. Duszejko first finds her neighbor, a passionate poacher, dead in his house - cause of death: suffocation by an animal's bone - and a little later the snow-covered corpse of the police chief. Only trace, that of deer. Animal protection, overcome traditions and the distribution of roles in hunting (the dystopian who hunts who) as major themes of this film meet stunning natural scenes as well as trenchant action that holds up a mirror to our narrow-mindedness. In addition, not least with Mandat-Grabka, a brilliant cast that does not need to shy away from a comparison with the West European arthouse cinema.

»Dirty Dancing«: Musik, Romanze // USA // R: Emile Ardolino // 1:40h // Kinostart: 08.10.1987 // Verleiher: Rekord Film // FSK 12

»Dirty Dancing« is undoubtedly the dance film ever! Time of my life, as a title track, is etched on the memory, emotionally charged and overflowing with collective memories. As a modern cinema classic, this film has become indispensable in the anthologies and lists of best films, great moments in cinema history and hitlists of the most-played films. And rightly so, because the complicated and devious love story between the dance teacher Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze) and the upperclass girl Francis "Baby" Housman (Jennifer Gray) touches and moves our hearts again and again. During the summer vacation in 1963, which the Houseman family and their daughter spend in Max Kellerman's hotel, daughter "Baby" falls in love with the hotel's dance teacher, who initially has no interest in another spoiled upper-class girl, especially as the hotel's house rules prohibit it that staff and guests are getting too close. However, after failing Johnny's show-dance partner Penny (Cynthia Rhodes) due to an unwanted pregnancy, Baby offers to learn the complicated choreography for the mambo evenings in a rush. In the process, the dancing couple quickly gets closer and their professional relationship turns into a love drama that has many hurdles to overcome. Mambo fever, reveries of the unexpected but therefore overwhelming vacation love and of being shoot to fame were and are just as safe as filled box office: »Dirty Dancing« provides the food for dreams that we all need to soak up from time to time.


»Metropolis«: Sci-Fi, Thriller // D // R: Fritz Lang // 2:33h // Kinostart: 10.01.1927 // Verleiher: Paramount Pictures Germanny // FSK 0 // Stummfilm, Expressionismus, s/w

Hardly any other film was and is quoted as much as Fritz Lang's colossal film masterpiece »Metropolis«. Whether direct or indirect, this film is a momentous point of reference: may it be for and in »Blade Runner«, the »Matrix« films or »Escape from New York«. Not only because of his character as a milestone in cinematic history, above all elaborately decorated monumental end-time films (which go beyond the planned budget), but especially because of the cinematographic-aesthetic revolution that started with this film: special effects, innovative shooting methods or techniques and elaborate thumbnail worlds. And although all this has been developed and perfected over the decades, »Metropolis« is and remains spectacular and does not seem to have fallen out of time. Quite the contrary! So it is not surprising that the thousands of cinemas of the world named after this film remained with it. A name that not only ensures cineastes a comforting tingling sensation in the neck, but also stands for the highest entertainment to achieve. A love story at the end of time, a social-political drama about exploitation, hope and the loss of control over technology (assumed to be easy to handle), a full-length spectacle that finally ends in conciliatory. Despite dooms-day mood and the captivating scary atmosphere,there can be and there is a happy ending.

»Psycho«: Thriller, Horror // USA // R: Alfred Hitchcock // 1:49h // Kinostart: 07.10.1960 // FSK 12

There are many iconic movie scenes and Psycho is full of them. Just think about the murder scene in the shower, for example, or the shots, with flickering neon lights, from Bates Motel and the mansion on the hill beyond. Images that burned onto the retina and thousands of screens. As the master of suspense, the Brit Alfred Hitchcock wrote film history and coined not least with »Psycho« the genre thriller in which he set standards that are still considered as such and in which no director attempts to pass. And the list of imitators, admirers or epigones is long and extraordinarily well-known. While her diffuse and haphazard escape, at night Marion reaches a forlorn motel, Bates Motel: Twelve cabins, twelve vacancies – where she considers spending the night. The young Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins), who runs the motel, seems sympathetic, if a bit suspicious and bizarre. He tells Marion that he and his mother live next door in the Victorian mansion up the hill, and she instantly realizes that Bate's mother is quite idiosyncratic and, above all, extremely dominant to her son. What follows is a confusion with numerous corpses, lots of blood in the shower and, above all, a masterful manipulation of the audience. Wrong tracks, jumpy sympathy changes and tension until the last minute of film. Alfred Hitchcock proves himself and with films such as »Vertigo« (1958), »Rear Window« (1954) or »The Birds« (1963) as a psychologically trained con artist who proves again and again that nothing is as it seems (or else?) and skillfully uses his knowledge of collective fears and expectations to captivate the audience. Hitchcock is indeed a guarantor! No matter which film from the seemingly unmanageable filmography one chooses, an unforgettable event is set.

»Casablanca«: Drama, Romanze // USA // R: Michael Curtiz // 1:42 // Produktionsjahr: 1942 // FSK 6 // s/w

As time goes by, phrases like Here's looking at you, kid or film stills like those showing Humphrey Bogart on the piano are beyond question for eternity. Ingrid Bergman as Ilsa, Humphrey Bogart as Rick Blaine or Paul Henreid as the partisan Victor Laszlo are unforgettable. Figures and roles that not only continue to live on replicas of movie posters in kitchens and living rooms, but that have occupied places of honor in the collective film memory. Because a masterpiece of the most sophisticated kitsch remains a masterpiece and the highest level of acting deserves fame no matter how much time has passed … World War II in Casablanca. The American Rick Blaine runs a prosperous bar, where hundreds of refugees from Europe appear on their way from Nazi Germany/Europe to the United States. Among others also the refugee and partisan Victor Laszlo with his wife Ilsa. Their appearance meets the otherwise relaxed bartender unpredictably hard: Ilsa, now on the run with Laszlo, is Rick's former lover, who flake out on him in Paris, so he had to leave France without her. The past and broken hearts meet a new delicate constellation: Should Rick leave the two stranded in Casablanca and therefore delivering them to their fate or gives them, despite his scruples and hurt feelings, the much longed-for exit visa and puts himself in danger. A film especially about the tragic side of the word love, the horrors of the Second World War, flight and compassion. Especially the last is timeless and currently more topical than ever: Anyone could become a refugee at any time and would depend on the 'unconditional' help of others - despite shared pasts, expectations or intrigues.

»Le ballon rouge«: Komödie, Familie // FR // R: Albert Lamorisse // 0:36h // Produktionsjahr 1956 // FSK 0

Despite it's categorization as a filmlet (only about forty minutes) »Le ballon rouge« offers more than any feature-lengths movie: Namely a cinematic experience for the whole family that lasts and continues to entertain both young and old for hours or days. The red balloon seems to be able to break through the screen almost effortlessly to be on one's side for some time. As a loyal companion you take him out of the cinema, back to the three-dimensional, where he brings color into the occasionally dreary everyday life. Little Pascal, play-acted by the director's son (Pascal Lamorisse), is overjoyed when he finds a red balloon in dreary Paris, but his mother does not want him to keep it. That does not seem to matter to the red balloon and so he decides to stay with the boy. No matter what happens, he is faithful to his new friend and owner. Not easy in everyday life and Pascal's environment: In the church and school, the idiosyncratic balloon causes turbulence. But his classmates and curious passersby eye the duo skeptical to jealous, so Pascal is constantly forced to defend his new playfellow... You just have to look at a few stills or even the film poster to get attracted to the magic of this movie. The red in the gray-blue of the city attracts one immediately and drags into the wonderful story of friendship, unexpected happiness and bliss in an adult world, which is sometimes too depressing. Not only for children.