“The Gold Rush” at the Gewandhaus Leipzig

Silent movie: The classics that make us speechless. On New Year’s Day, the film concert “The Gold Rush” by Charlie Chaplin conducted by Frank Strobel took place at the Gewandhaus Leipzig. BIG cinema equipped the event with top-quality projection technology, a customized acoustic booth, and a screen sized 11 by 8 metres. Due to the technically individual and unique solution provided by BIG cinema, no seat had to be blocked or removed in the great theatre of the Gewandhaus, so that all the visitors got their money’s worth.

The score of “The Gold Rush” is one of the most melancholic and gloomy compositions by Charlie Chaplin. Chaplin composes music that does not only illustrate the visible events of the scene (storm, fight, or dancing), but also lets us experience the events of body and mind of the protagonists – like hunger, jealousy, or pride. His music also includes numerous quotations, from Rimsky-Korsakov via Tchaikovsky to popular songs like “For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow”.  (Text: European Filmphilharmonic)

Credits: European Filmphilharmonic Institute